CrossBeats Vibe 5.0 Wireless Rain Proof Bluetooth Neckband Headphone


1. Super base with HD stereo sound. It is Flexible neckband style headphone.

In this, you get 13mm driver with TPU material chamber and CVC 6.0 passive noise cancellation.

This headphone has a strong base and smooth mid-high frequency sound.

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2.  In this, IPX-6 rainproof Headphone nano-coating is used. Means it is weather resistant. You can use this in rain as well.  But only the dustproof is a con.

3.  Magnetic touch earbuds automatic power on/off facility is given.
When Left and right earbuds are separated it will give one vibration.
In the sense the headphone device is on.

To power off this device, you just need to attach back Left and Right speakers together. You will notice two times vibration when you turn off this headphone device.

You will see different LED indicators on this headphone. Red is for charging mode. Blue for full charge indication. Green and red LED flashes for pairing mode.

4.  Dual microphone for a Better voice call. While incoming voice calls it will vibrate three times. To receive or end a call you may need press the multifunctional button. To reject the call or to redial the last number you need to press this multifunctional button two times.

You can use this button to play or pause the audio music. For Volume up and Volume down you can use + and – button.

To play previous song long press – button. To play next song long press + button.

 5.  Dual pairing with 5.0 Bluetooth and the latest CSR 8640 chip is used. With this chip, you can connect to any other Bluetooth device.

6.  Battery used is Lithium. Backup is up to 6-7 hours, when charged for 2 hours.

7.  Compatible with iPhone, Android Phones, Laptops, Tablets iPads, Macbook, Smart TV, Xbox & PS4.

8.  My Opinion. According to me, this headphone sound produces good quality sound. It is comfortable. Most of the features are included. But the price is too high.

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