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how to choose the right printer
how to choose the right printer

If we want to buy a printer, due to N number of printers available in the market today, we couldn’t make out which one to buy?

Do you have confusion on how to choose the right printer? This post helps you to tackle all confusions. Let us go step-by-step.

Types of Printer:

  1. Inkjet printer
  2. Ink tank printer
  3. Laser printer
choose the right printer
choose the right printer

1. Inkjet Printer


  • Great for photo and image related documents
  • Blends smooth colors
  • Low in cost
  • Inkjet Cartridges are low in cost
  • Can print on many different papers like glossy, textured and even on some fabrics.
  • No warm-up time before printing
  • Inkjet Cartridges can be refilled and reused
  • Cartridges are smaller in size and easy to maintain


  • Inkjet prints are water based, so they are likely to get water damage and faded.
  • Frequently cartridges needs to be cleaned, when cleaning ink gets waste.
  • Printing speed is slow

2. Ink Tank Printer


  • Great photo print quality
  • Scanners are wide and can fit large documents
  • Plenty of ink in the box when you purchase the printer
  • Environment friendly
  • Very low cost per page
  • Built-in WIFI


  • Printer cost is high
  • Refilling cost is high
  • Photo printing and scanning is slow.
  • Regular ink maintenance/cleaning to prevent ink from drying up

3. Laser Printer


  • Printing is faster than inkjet
  • Prints sharp black text
  • Better in handling small fonts and fine lines far better than inkjet
  • Built for printing high volume


  • Even though they print fast, they require warm-up time
  • Cost for laser print is more
  • Toner leaks
  • Can not handle different types of print materials

Factors about Printers:

  • Print quality
  • Technology
  • Print speed
  • Print Volume

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Printers used:

  • Occasional
  • Regular
  • Office
  • Enterprise

Chose the right printer

Output Type:

  • Color
  • Monochrome


  • Wifi
  • Ethernet
  • USB

Printing Speed:


  • HP
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Samsung
  • Epson

Price between:

  • 1000-1,500 Rs
  • 5000-10,000 Rs
  • 10,000-20,000 Rs
  • Above 20,000 Rs

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