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How to manually restore your website.

Manual Restore:

This solution is purely for those websites which are affected by virus or a sudden website crash or some critical problem showing up in your website.

I strongly recommend that you should know how to back up and restore your website manually.

Topics Covered:

  • Manual restore of database.
  • Manual restore of Website.
  • Manually configuring your database Connection.

In the step one we will manually restore our database.

  • Login into your cpanel account. Under databases, select phpMyAdmin.
  • Now click on launch phpmyadmin.
  • To know which one is your database, just have a look at your back file.
  • Now click on the database to see its structure.
  • Now in structure tab tick mark on check all, to select all of your database tables,
  • And in the drop down menu choose drop command.
  • Make sure the foreign key checks is tick marked and click on yes button.
  • By the time you press yes, all the tables of your database is gone.
  • Now to restore, select import option.
  • And click on choose file.
  • For database you should only upload .sql extention file and not any other types like winzip or winrar file. 
  • Am i clear to you?
  • Now leave rest of the settings as it is  and click on go button.
  • It will take few seconds to import depending on the size of your database.
  • Once it is done you will get a message saying import has been successfully finished.
  • Now click on your database to see the structure.
  • You can see your tables back. 

In the step two we will manually restore our website.

  • Under files choose file manager.
  • Select launch file manager.
  • Now choose the site which you want to restore, when you have multiple site. 
  • Select all the files in deployed folder and delete them.
  • Click yes to delete.
  • Boom all files have gone.
  • Now, either you can upload your back up file in file manager itself or you can use fileZilla software.
  • I am using filezilla software.
  • Open your fileZilla. Upload the back up file. 
  • Now establish a connection between fileZilla and the server.
  • Once you get directory listing, navigate to the folder where you want to deploy your files.
  • Now drag and drop your backup file into empty directory listing.
  • It will take some time to transfer the file. 
  • If you have fileZilla connecting issues then watch my filezilla connecting video. video available below.
  • Once the file transfer finished go back to the cpanel file manager.
  • See we have our zip file. select the zip file and click on extract archive.
  • Select yes to extract.
  • It will take some time to extract the zip file. 
  • Next you receive extraction completed successfully message.
  • Close the message.
  • Boom you could now see your website files back. 
  • We have restored our database and website file right? now check live status of the website.
  • Oh no you are getting this establishing a database connection error.
  • OK now we will look at this problem before that delete any existing zip files in your deployed folder.

In step three we will configure database connection.

  • Under databases go to MySQL  users.
  • Note the Username and password.
  • After that in file manager look for wp-config.php file. 
  • Double click on this file to open.
  • Copy the MySQL username and paste it in define db user statement.
  • Copy the MySQL user password and paste it in define db password statement.
  • To know your database name go to phpmyadmin.
  • Click on your database. copy the databases name 
  • And paste it in define db name statement.
  • Usually db name and db username will be same. In some cases it might deffer.
  • Click on the save button.
  • Once the wp-config.php file saved,  go back to this error page and click on the reload button.
  • boom there you will have your live site back online. 

For Better Understanding watch the video below:

How to manually restore your website

FileZilla status directory listing of successful remote site empty

FileZilla status directory listing of successful remote site empty

Click on this link to know how to manually backup your website

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