java interview questions for fresher 2019 – vikramnvp11

1. Write a program to take screenshot of a page and explain?
2. There are 4 frames in a page click the element present in each frame?
3. Write xpath for radio button and check box.
4. Why do you use Testing and why not JUnit?
5. How did u use run-time polymorphism in your project?
6. What is agile model and explain your involvement in scrum team?
7. Explain the framework used in your project.
8.What is the need to use jenkins?
9. Explain driver.quit()?

Explain the your current framework?
While explaining the framework, in-between they will ask few questions about the framework.
Like why this framework?
Execution flow?
1.How to integrate with TFS?
2.Benefits of Selenium?
3.Benefits of Oops??
4.What is polymorphism??
5.What is dictionary ??
6.How to handle AJAX elements?
7.What is synchronization?
8.Difference between implicit wait and explicit wait?
9.What is automation life cycle?
10.What is framework?
11.What is N-unit? Explain the capabilities of N-unit? 
12.Write a script to open the Firefox without using FirefoxDriver class 
13.How to take the screen shot of webelement?
14.How to verify to verify whether the element is present or not using findElements method 
15.Write a script to verify whether the check box is selected or not. 
16.How to verify whether the list box is dropdown list or multi-select list. 
17.Difference between array list and linked list?
18.Explain the vector??
19.Difference between abstraction and encapsulation?
20.Difference between protected and default access specifiers? 
21.What is single ton class ??
22.Why POM??
23.How to handle windows popup??

1>WAP to Reverse Number
2>WAP to count duplicate character in String
3>WAP to count no of word in String
4>WAP to String is palindrome or not
5>WAP to Swap to no with third variable and without third variable
6>WAP to remove duplicate element in Array
8>WAP to remove duplicate Character in String
9>WAP to Bubble Sort
10>WAP to insertion  Sort
11>WAP to Selection  Sort
12>WAP to Count vowels in String
14>WAP to no is binary or not
15>WAP to no is factorial 
16>WAP to Find largest no in Array 
17>WAP reverse number
18>WAP to find second no of array List
19>WAP to Sort Array?

1>Explain all  Wait Statement  in Selenium.
2>WAP to reverse word of Character 
INPUT-I work in exilant
output-I krow ni tnalixe;
3>WAP to Count no of Character in String
4>What is different throw throws finally final
5>find no of link on the web page and Verify the Title

1>Draw frame Work Structure and explain
2>Write Code how to fetch data from excel
3>Write Code for reverse String
4>Write the Code of Swapping without using third Variable.
5>Explain OOPs Concept
6>what is bug life Cycle
7>What is Smoke Testing
8>what is Sanity Testing
9>What is reTesting and Regression Testing
10>Explain WebDriver driver=new FirFoxDriver();

1. Write a program for Armstrong number?
2. Write selenium code for any of the daily activity you do and explain.
3. In a web page, many frames are present. Frame number , frame name and element in frames are dynamic. If element is present in frame click that and come out . Or else search in other frame. Write a code..
4. Some cases are independent and some cases are dependent on other cases. How do you execute them parallel.
5. What are the versions of the browsers you test and what is your base browser.
6. Explain the Testing procedure in your project.
7. Why do you use Jenkins in your project.
8. Explain the scrum process in your project

1-can uh explain what uh have done so far as automation test engineer
2-types of waits that uh know.
3-there is a check box if uh check the checkbox and element will be visible and if uh UN-check it it will be disappeared how will uh test it.
4-there is a homepage whenever somebody login it shows welcome mess "welcome (Name of person)" how will uh test it.
5-where did uh used encapsulation in your project explain.
6-where did uh used inheritance in your project
7-types of inheritance.
9-there is a table  if I ask uh to print total number of row present in table how will uh do that(code)
10-how uh fetch the data from some external file explain code
11-what is the difference between below 2 lines-
   String s1= "amit";
   String s2= new String("Amit");
12- What is String?
13- how can you say String is a class?
14-how many ways to scroll a page?
15-what and all things you can do using Actions class.
16-jenkins (how to use,what it does)
17-what strategy u follow to upload your code in GitHub
18-how to reverse an integer value.
19-how to reverse a given string.
20-how to reverse a given string.w without using for loop and any inbuilt methods.
21-what is maven.
22-what is testing.
23-if I want to run 10 test cases among 100 how will uh run it.
24-how to perform parallel execution
25-what strategy uh follow in order to choose locators for automating any test case
26-what is pom,what strategy do uh follow while creating pom class.
27- what and all OOPs concept u have used while automating application.
28- if there is 2 names on web page let's say amit and amit singh so how will uh point to amit.

What does "anything or nothing"  represents in Selenium?
What are the different approaches you will follow to write an XPath?
How do you get  the size of an "dropdown" in Selenium? 
What will be your step by step approach to start the Automation Testing?

1.Explain the framework you use in your project?
2.What is there development life cycle in your project?
3.Write a program for prime numbers?
4.Identify the duplicates in an array and delete them?
5.How do you perform smoke testing?
6. What is the procedure you follow if you find any bug?
7. How many regression cases are there and how frequently you execute them?
8. How to configure automatic run of test-cases in jenkins?
9. There is a dropdown, on selecting one option sub dropdown will appear. Write code to verify all sub drop-downs are displayed properly for each option in main dropdown.( Ex: select India from dropdown and verify all the states are displayed in the Sun drop down).
10. How to identify xpath...
11. There is a 2x2 table . On first visit , first elements will be appear(a,b,c,d), on second visit 2nd element(e,f,g,h) in all the cells will appear. How do you identify the 2nd element in 4th cell   (h)?
12. How do you execute test-cases parallelly?
13. There 50 options are there in list-box. I don't want to select one option. Write a code.

1. Login page with Username, pwd, confirm pwd, captcha, registration text-boxes. Can we automate this page and how?
2. Difference between read and readkey
3. OOPS concept, Abstract Class and Interface
4. Difference between Assert and Verify
5. How to print the title and error message "User already exist" from a window popup
6. Difference between @BeforeClass & @BeforeTest
7. How to take screenshot
8. Type of locators
9. Explain Selenium Grid
10. Automation Framework
11. How many jar files to be included in Selenium?
12. Supported browsers in Selenium

1>WAP to find no word of occurrence in String.
2>WAP to find Even and odd number in Array.
3>WAP to print prime no 1 to 100;
4>some objective question was there

1>Tell me about your self
2>WAP to find duplicate character in String
3>What is polymorphism
4>why Interface?
5>What is Maven
6>What is collection?
7>what is List and Array List?

1>what is different between String, Stringbuffer,
2>What is exception and Type of exception
3>take class Employee store in Value in Array List and Sort.
4>How will u differentiate Value in Map
5>what is throws and throw

1.Difference b/w Abstract class & Interface. 
2.Write a program to swap numbers without 3rd variable.
3. Write a program to reverse string without using StringBuffer class 
3.Write a program to find string in another string. 
4.Why static is used in main method 
5.Difference between static binding & dynamic binding. 
6.Write a xpath of an element present in table by using its adjacent element 8. various annotations used in Testing.
7.What methods can be inherited by child class. 10. Is it possible to override main method?.

1. Write all end-end test scenarios for MobileApp-Navigation-Map
2. Test data enumeration for Navigation Map
3. U joined in Amazon for mobile app testing but app is already in production and there are no releases in feature/enhancements so how u will be helpful for your team 
4. Did u missed any functionality/bug in ur project If yes how did u rectified.

1. Automation project work -flow
3. WAP to get all upper-case letters in a given String.
4. WAP to find give triangle is isosceles triangle or not
5. Analytical question

1. Automation framework architecture 
2. How will you do automation for Amazon search feature ( If search with some category how will u validate only those products)

1. What is Web driver?
2. What is base class of Web driver?
3. Oops concept, inheritance , polymorphism.
4. SQL queries. Joins. 
5. Difference between table and joins.
6. Find max salary from employee table.
7. Find min salary from employee table.
8. What is difference between ceil and floor w.r.t database.
9. Selenium Framework of your project.
10. Structure/Hierarchy of Web driver interface

6. How to switch to frame?
7. How to know if an element is present inside an iframe.
8. Reverse a number without using any method.
9. Print a triangle using java.
10. There is a table and in on the column has "Siemens". Print  row and column number containing "Siemens".
11. Difference between POST and GET.
12. How to automate API using postman.
13. Difference between postman and soapui.
14. You have three text box and every text bio has different id. When user use sendKeys method, it is typing in one text box only. What mistakes user are doing?
15. There is a website and when website is launched, multiple ads is shown up one by one. Every ad remains for 5 seconds.