nfs most wanted not running in windows 10

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Today in this post we are going to see, nfs most wanted not running in windows 10.

When I double click on nfs game launcher file, it is not running in windows 10.

nfs most wanted not running in windows 10

First solution is, run it as administrator

But still it is not working.

Second solution is, add registration entries file to registry.

Double click on this registry file, click yes, to continue, and finally click OK once the REG file successfully added to the registry.

Now if I run the game, it is still not working.

Third solution is, run the shell-inst file
After this, again run the game.

But still it is not working

Fourth solution is, copy and paste the whole game folder to c directory and run the game as admin.

Still game is not running

Fifth solution is, run it as %1%*

Still not working

Sixth solution is, Troubleshoot compatibility
Right click on the game file, choose troubleshoot compatibility, next click on try recommendended settings, here compatibility is windows xp service pack 3.

Close the troubleshoot window.

Now again right click on the game file, select properties, go to compatibility tab, tick mark run this program in compatibility mode for, and choose windows xp service pack 3.

Click on these two settings, click apply, and finally click OK.

Now again run the game file, still i can see no luck.

Seventh solution is, check and update direct x.
Go to run, type dxdiag and press enter.

Even though I have direct x version 12, inbuilt Graphics card and 2gb AMD radeon graphics card, game is still not working.

Final solution that worked for me is, using 3d analyze software.

Download link is given in the description.

Open the 3d analyze software, click on this select button, now locate your game application file, and click open.

Next don’t forget to tick this force window mode option.

After that click on run button.

Boom now the game is working.

Only thing is, you need to go to game display settings and switch to maximum resolution.

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