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Your family’s health and safety mean the world to you. We understand that and want to help you protect your loved ones from situations beyond your control. Star Comprehensive Family Insurance Plan is perfect for you and your family for a life free from worries. Check out its features and benefits:

There are two kinds of people who go to the hospital

  1. With Health Insurance
  2. Without Health Insurance

For Example, A person takes a health insurance policy. He pays premium around 10,000k for 5,00,000 lakhs Sum Insured. Later for some reason, he gets hospitalized and the bill is 4,50,000. He claims his health Insurance and saves his heavy financial loss.

Star comprehensive insurance

On the other hand, A person neglects health insurance just to save 10,000k. Later for some reason, he gets hospitalized and the bill is 4,50,000. He pays the bill. isn’t it a financial loss for him?

Comprehensive health insurance
Comprehensive health insurance

However, It is a huge financial loss for mid-class people. Hope I am right?

Ok, let’s get into the policy details.

This plan designed carefully for you and has complete protection against all health issues. You can take cover for a family or an individual.


  • From a baby of 3 months to 65 years.

Policy Type:

  • Individual or Floater ( In Floater family size can not exceed 2 Adults + 3 Dependent Children)
  • Dependent children meaning, children who are financially dependent on their parents. Covered up to 25 years.

Sum Insured Option In this Policy:

5,00,00 lacs
7,50,000 7lacs fifty thousand
10,00,00 lacs
15,00,000 lacs
20,00,000 lacs
25,00,000 lacs
50,00,000 lacs
75,00,000 lacs
1,00,00,000 crore

Policy Term:

  • 1 year and 2 years (if you take directly 2 years policy you will get a discount. Discount percentage varies so I am not mentioning it here.)

Medical Screening/Checkup:

  • No pre-acceptance medical screening/checkup.

Day Care Procedures:

what is Day Care Procedure? Day Care procedure means a treatment that requires hospitalization less than 24 hours. For example Dialysis, Radiation, Cataract, etc.

  • It covers All Day Care Procedures.

Midterm Inclusion:

It means, For example, A person has taken a health insurance policy. After 6 months if he gets married, he can include his wife or if he is already married and has a newborn baby, he can include the baby in the policy with a difference payable premium.


  • Hospitalization cover: not only Room but also Boarding, and Nursing Expenses.
  • Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, in addition to these Consultants, Specialist Fees also cover
  • Further Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theater charges, ICU charges, Surgical Appliances, Medicines and Drugs, Diagnostic Materials and X-Ray, Diagnostic imaging modalities, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cost of Pacemaker.
  • Road Ambulance: Home to Hospital, Hospital to Hospital, Hospital to Home too covered( but Certified by a medical practitioner).
  • Air Ambulance: 2,50,000 per hospitalization not exceeding 5,00,000 per policy period.
  • Pre-Hospitalization: Medical expenses cover 60 days Before getting admit in the hospital.
  • Post-Hospitalization: Medical expenses covered up to 90 days from the date of discharge.
  • Outpatient medical consultation: In-network hospital, for Dental and Eye related diseases. Payable once in every block of three years of continuous coverage.
  • Domiciliary hospitalization: Requiring care and treatment in the home itself due to patient condition or due to lack of beds in the hospital (Conditions apply)
  • Delivery and New Born Baby: waiting period 24 months (policy should be active after 24 months also) cesarean and newborn baby both are covered. For 5 lacs Sum Insured, 15,000k for normal delivery, and 20,000 for Caesarean. For New Born Baby covered up to 1 lac.
  • Organ Donor Expenses: Redo Surgery, Inpatient, furthermore ICU charges covered for the Organ Donor.
  • Hospital cash
  • Bariatric Surgery (Obesity)
  • Health check-up
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Ayush Treatment: Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha, as well as Homeopathy covered up to limits
  • Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement

Special Benefits

  • Star wellness Program: Earn points and get a points-wise discount on renewal premium.
  • Buy Back Pre-existing disease: usually, the pre-existing disease covered after 36 months. But Pay the extra premium. And get a reduction from 36 months to 12 months waiting period. After 12 months you can claim for pre-existing diseases also.
  • Automatic Restoration: 3 times Basic Sum Insured restored. if you exhaust the entire sum insured during hospitalization. It is only for illnesses/diseases and not for accidents.
  • Cumulative Bonus: varies from different types of Basic Sum Insured opted.
  • Tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Waiting periods

  • No claim is given for any illness or disease during the first 30 days from the date of issuance of the policy
  • The accidental case is payable by the company within the first 30 days from the commencement of the policy, only with valid driving documents and helmet worn.
  • 24 Months for Specified illness/disease/treatment
  • 36 Months for Pre-Existing Disease


  • Till the age of 60, there is no Co-Payment.
  • However, if the age of the insured is above 60 years then Co-Payment is 10%
  • No Co-Payment for those who insured persons who has entered the policy before attaining 60 years of age and renew the policy continuously without any break.

Grace Period:

  • A Grace Period of 30 days from the date of expiry of the policy is available for renewal.
  • If you renew the policy within 30 days period, the continuity of benefits with reference to waiting periods will be allowed.

Free Lock Period:

  • If the insured does not satisfied with the health plan, he can cancel the policy within 15 days of the commencement of the policy.
  • The company refunds your paid premium (conditions applied). 


  • At least 45 days before you need to inform the company regarding portability but not earlier than60 days from the date when the renewal is due.

Main and Most Important Claim Procedure:

  • Call the 24-hour helpline for assistance – 18004252255/18001042277
  • Afterward, Inform the ID number for easy reference
  • At the same time, On admission in the Hospital, produce the ID Card issued by the Company at the Hospital Desk.
  • Obtain the Pre-Authorisation Form from the Hospital Help Desk, Complete the Patient information and resubmit to the Hospital help desk.
  • In case of emergency hospitalization, give information within 24 hours after hospitalization.
  • While in non-network hospitals First, you make payment and then reimbursement is made on submission of documents.

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Note: The information given here is only indicative.
As a result, for more details on the risk factors, terms and conditions, please read the policy wordings before concluding the purchase. Or visit

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